Amoré Bistro Café (Breakfast) Review

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A rare treat

Perfect coffees on a crappy January morning.

We’ve been told a few times about just how good this tiny cafe is and we were really excited to get in there and try it out. It has taken us waaaay longer than intended to actually do that though, because Amoré Bistro Café is only open weekdays from 7-3. As much as Nanaimo Food Blog is a financial cash cow, we still need a few extra dollars each month and thus have full time day jobs. This makes it virtually impossible for us to get to this café while it’s open. However, this past month the stars aligned and we had a day off together on a weekday, and so it was finally time to see what the fuss has been about.

Amoré is a little bit out of the way – nestled in the backside of the Northfield Road industrial area – but if you can find it, it has an accessible parking lot and is east to get in and out of. You get the sense what with their location and hours that the cafe’s primary intent is to serve the workers in the industrial area, but the other clientele on our visit were not working age (if you know what we mean).

Inside, the café was quite nice, with pleasant, cool colours, restrained décor, and quality seating and tables. Trendy lo-fi music was playing. We were greeted and welcomed in by the person behind the counter, and we took a moment to take stock of the menu. While our visit was for breakfast, the lunch menu caught our eyes with a couple of unexpected inclusions – a beef donair, and a Montreal smoked meat sandwich. Ooooooohhhhh…

Focus. We were there for breakfast. Coffees first, and then for him we ordered a classic breakfast, and for her, the breakfast pita.

The standard breakfast was fine. We never really expect to be wowed by simple items like toast and sausages. The hashbrowns had some distinct herb-y seasoning we couldn’t quite place, and were lightly pan fried (not deep fried) which is our preference. The eggs were ordered over medium, and came over medium. That might not sound like a big win, but in this town, getting your eggs right is almost a rare and special treat. We want to see that ooze!

Everything was done right.

For her, the breakfast wrap was a pita filled with eggs, potato, sausage, cheese, and veg. It was hot and tasty and really hit on a cold morning.

Both meals were neither particularly expressive, creative, or challenging, but that’s not what most people want in the morning. We want competent, tasty, fast, and affordable… Which brings us to our next point: the prices at Amoré were unexpectedy low. Our total bill for the two breakfasts and coffees, with taxes and a small tip included, was $32. We think that’s good value.

Would eat again.


We’re not sure Amoré quite lived up to the overblown hype we’d been hearing, but that’s not to say we were disappointed or that it wasn’t good. Actually we found it to be a comfortable, friendly café with good food, intriguing menu options, and excellent prices. What more could you want? Oh yeah. Opening hours. Maybe we’ll see you there one day!

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